La Porte FFA
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Welcome to La Porte FFA!!! 

Founded in March 1976

   Upcoming events


P.M. Quiz & P.M. Skills Practice on Mondays

P.M. Radio Practice on Tuesdays

A.M. Jr Creed, P.M. Sr Creed, P.M. PR, & P.M. Advocacy practices on Wednesdays

A.M. Job Interview practices on Thursdays

Important dates: 

September 22nd- Wrapping Fundraiser Ends, PLSR Livestock Show Box & Tack Move-In 5-9:30 PM, Pig Clinic 6 PM

September 24th- PLSR Move-In 6-9 AM, Rabbit Show 1 PM

September 25th- PLSR 8 AM Pig Show, 1 PM Lamb Show, & 4 PM Goat Show

September 26th- PLSR 8 AM Poultry show, 11 AM Ag Mech show

September 27th- PLSR Heifer Check-In 9 AM, Heifer Show 10 AM, Steer Show 2 PM

September 28th- PLSR Creative Arts Check-In 7-8:30 AM, Floral Check-In 8:15 AM, Floral Results 1 PM, Creative Arts Results 3 PM, All Creative Arts Entries picked up by 3-5 PM

September 29th- PLSR 8-10 AM Breakfast of Champions, 12-4 PM Auction

September 30th- State Fair of Texas

October 1st- PLSR Release of hogs, poultry, rabbits, and ag mech projects 8-9:30 AM

October 2nd- PLSR Take down remaining pens and clean livestock barns 7 AM


Quality Counts Study Guide Carrie Hicks 11/9/2020 295 KB
: Jarrell D. Gray's Parliamentary Guide for FFA (4 th edition) Carrie Hicks 4/20/2021 2363 KB
Proficiency Award Application Carrie Hicks 3/28/2022 34 KB
Star Greenhand Application Carrie Hicks 3/28/2022 34 KB
Star Chapter Application Carrie Hicks 3/28/2022 34 KB
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